Uncover Nature’s Secrets: Choose MP’s Premier B.Sc. Biotechnology Institutes

Discover Amity University Gwalior, Where Science Evolves. Immerse in biotech brilliance guided by experienced mentors and cutting-edge curriculum. Engage in hands-on lab work, research projects, and genetic studies, honing your scientific acumen. The best b.sc biotechnology colleges in MP legacy of producing biotech innovators ensures top-tier placement opportunities. Join us to redefine life sciences and pioneer advancements. Your journey to biotechnological excellence begins at Amity University Gwalior, where curiosity sparks discoveries. Explore, Innovate, Transform – Your Biotech Odyssey Begins Here.

For Further Details Contact Us : 

E-mail id : info@gwa.amity.edu

Ph No: 8349994630

Address: Maharajpura (Opposite Airport) Gwalior 474005 (Madhya Pradesh)


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